Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Positive Intention Sessions...

customized, personal positive intentions for your goals!  Tammi will work with you to create the positive intention to help you reach your goals.  Tammi will combine her skills of:

  • angelic messages
  • akashic record insights
  • psychic sensing
  • numerology analysis

to create one-of-a-kind positive intentions that will generate change in your life.  This is not a “psychic reading” but is actually a one-on-one session that examines where you are, how you got there and how to get where you want to be.  By looking at several spiritual components, Tammi can help you make shifts easily and naturally.  This session comes with a very large hand-out containing approximately 1,000 positive intentions that have worked for Tammi’s clients in the past.  This hand-out is yours to keep and use for future growth and change.


Now that you have the ability to make a change in your life, where would you like to start?  

Where the mind goes, your personal energy follows.

Don’t think about a brown bear!

What happened?  You thought about a brown bear, didn’t you?  The mind goes where it’s told not to and then your energy moves in that direction.  When you have negative self-scripts or outdated beliefs from this or previous lifetimes, your mind re-runs these energies and our actions follow them 


What's the difference between power intentions and affirmations?

Intention:  the practice of setting a goal, then choosing actions and thoughts which are goal-related to reach and obtain the goal.

Affirmation:  the practice of positive thinking and creating a belief that supports a positive mental attitude to achieve success.

Basically the primary difference is an individual person’s involvement in the process.  Just repeating an affirmation over and over can and will work in some cases for people.  However when a person takes a deliberate and active role in working with the affirming statement this allows a person to begin practicing the intention which creates quicker change in their lives.  When you change your thoughts and start being participatory and active in your actions, you are working towards your goals and dreams; thus you become a co-creator in your life.  Perhaps you’ll find you’ve been using Affirmations for a while and these mirror what you’ve been doing.  But maybe there will be a few new tricks found here to take your statements to the next level… and it’s at that moment that it becomes a Power Intention!


Tammi offers two types of Angel Readings/Messages and your investment is:

  • Personalized Session (with handout) - $77 click here to complete form for your personalized session
  • Custom Written Power Intentions - $11 (per Intention and after Personalized Session with Tammi) click here to complete form for your personalized intentions