Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Spiritual Relationships

Look at some scenario in your life and then consider if there was another individual connected to this scenario.  When you start to look at your life as energy, you begin to see there is very small portion of it not connected to any other person. 

When you realize that the majority of your time is energetically connected to other people, you start to see how these individuals then become part of your personal energy and history.  Some of the people you encounter during a day are just fellow humans on their individual journey. 

However, there are some individuals that you deal with which are very special in nature and your encounters with them are not just random or insignificant.

Very Special Relationships

Soul Mates are very special people in our lives.  While they have many functions, chances are that you have shared other lifetimes with your soul mates, you have shared loving relationships and you have created energetic bonds with them outside this lifetime. 

While every relationship can help a person recognize their lessons, work on karmic balancing and achieve spiritual/personal growth.  Soul Mates are spiritual relationships which can show:

  • Where a person has been
  • What a person has grown from
  • Who a person really is
  • Where a person is currently in their life
  • Where a person needs to go in the future
  • Which direction is the best option for growth
  • How to return to the creative source through spiritual evolution

A deeper look at your relationships with other people

Tammi has taken one of her most popular teachings and combined it with numerology analysis... then converted it into a personalized one-of-a-kind session to assist you in connecting with individuals in your life in a richer and more spiritual way.

Building upon her teaching format, Tammi adds her skills of:

  • angelic messages
  • akashic record insights
  • psychic sensing
  • numerology analysis

to create one-of-a-kind session to assist you in creating more harmonious relationships built on spiritual principles. 

This is not a “psychic reading” but is actually a one-on-one session that examines the numerology energies of both partners to help motivate relation-ships to the next level.  In a sense, this is almost like having a guidebook to better understanding the other person.  

Tammi offers a choice of these sessions and your investment is:

  • Analysis of Two People - $88 complete form to begin session
  • Analysis of Three or Four People - $133 complete form to begin session
  • Analysis of Five or Six People - $188 - complete form to begin session