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ever present angelic influences (excerpt from Angel Heart Blessings)

Angels have been around since the dawn of time and references to them are found all around the world.  The angelic beings are the closest beings to the Creator.  They remain close to the Creator and have a very similar energy to the Creator; which is a sense of intense love and caring.  They also have various duties and functions which they perform for the Creator as well.

The Creator, does not require the assistance or services of angelic beings, but rather engages them for their own spiritual development and evolution.  Angelic beings attend to the Creator in a “joyous service” out of complete love and with a sense of honor, purposefulness and selfless devotion to all living beings.

Angelic beings are present in our lives to help each of us transcend our physical limitations and move into higher dimensions as individuals; and elevate the energies of our world as a whole.  Although angelic beings have agreed to play an important role in our lives and our growth process; it is still our individual responsibility to open up to their influences, messages and guidance. 

A large part of this connecting process is by first asking for assistance with a humble and open heart.  This is the first step for each of us to be-come receptive to their love and insights.  Each of us has the ability to call upon the angels and they will willingly respond, but it begins with a heartfelt request for connection.

By opening our consciousness to them, we are able to directly receive the gifts of love, guidance and wisdom that all sorts of Spirit Beings have to offer us.  This includes:  Spirit Guides, Power Animals/ Allies, Fairy Beings and more!  Yet there is an agreement between the Creator and spirit beings that they cannot interfere in a persons life (except during emergency situations) without an invitation.

Angels do not want mankind to worship or idolize them.  They do desire for us to learn to love, accept, respect and cooperate with them while revering the Creator.  While angels are available to help and protect us, they cannot assist us in our evolutionary process unless we work with them.

They can assist us, but they cannot do our work for us or learn our lessons for us.  This we must do for ourselves, yes that means each one of us is responsible for our growth.  However, they can teach us or guide us… never forcing us to learn or to follow, allowing us to choose what is right for us in our evolution.  Working with angels opening, with love, acceptance and respect; can provide us with answers and help us accomplish our goals and insights to help us become our infinite potential. 

Angels are beings of light and love that evolve slower and more gradually than humans do.  They work consciously on raising their every levels (or vibrations) so they may transcend into other areas of development which moves them even closer to the Creator.  While they are more advanced than humans, even the lowest ranking of angels are evolved than humans. 

Angels are able to see, witness and participate in the grandness of the Creator’s plans.  By being able to perceive the heightened energies of the Creator’s plan, they can contribute to the plan by being an active participant with universal energies.  Angelic beings have achieved various stages of enlightenment where they can distribute the light and love of the Creator to all other life forms. 

In the easiest terms, angelic beings are separated from the rest of the spirit realm by the functions and duties they perform.  While they have many selfless duties, they are best recognized for:

  • Carrying out the missions and instructions of the Creator
  • Monitoring and maintaining the Creator’s Divine Plan for all life
  • Ensuring that all life is living within the Creator’s Divine Plan
  • Acting as an intermediary with the Creator for mankind

Having listed those, one of the most important duties of the angels is to connect all the other children of the Creator to the Creator.  They would also minister to those in need through guidance, love, protection or counseling.  In addition to this, they also work closely with Universal Principles (which is somewhat like spiritual structural beams to build upon).  The angels (or celestial beings) are grouped together by their individual missions and purposes.  

This is an excerpt from Angel Heart Blessings by Tammi Rager.)

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