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is created just for you with your personal goals in mind!  And this is so much more than just a Guided Meditation!


Tammi will create a personalized guided meditation to assist you in working directly with your own Akashic Records.  With years of experience in teaching people how to access and work with their Akashic Records, Tammi can help you to obtain first-hand wisdom, guidance and insights from your own records.

These Guided Meditations are often created in multiple parts with several meditations to help raise your personal energies to achieve success in reaching your Akashic Records.  Often the biggest challenge and stumbling blocks to access the Akashic Records lies in patience, practice and relaxation.  a

These multi-part meditations are taken directly from Tammi’s teachings where students have found great success in reaching the Akashic Records and in accessing information.  In addition to this, you will also receive a scaled down version of the workbooks used during Tammi’s workshops to help you better understand the process and information you may find.  Information without understanding isn’t worth very much after all.

Available as an MP3 file, you can use the Akashic Record Guided Meditations in the comfort of your own home where you are sure to be more relaxed and at peace.  You choose the time and set the atmosphere to create your own personal “sacred space” to enhance this truly personal experience.  The multi-part meditations can be also be used repeatedly and each part is a stand-alone meditation... meaning you're actually getting multiple meditations for one investment.  When combined with the mini-book, it's almost like taking the Akashic Record Workshops in a personalized, one-on-one basis with Tammi.

There are numerous ways to access the Akashic Records and yet there is only one CORRECT way to do it… this is the way that will work best for you!  The Akashic Records are energetic in nature and fluid like… always changing and always moving.  Being able to navigate the energies to access the information for your heart, mind and spirit is not complicated, but can take some patience.  It doesn’t matter if someone has access their records before either. Any level of experience can benefit from Guided Akashic Record Meditations.  Some of the benefits can include:

  • Rediscovering the Soul Mission of the present lifetime.
  • Identifying and changing energy blockages that may be limiting present day goals.
  • Retrieving additional insights into areas where clarification is needed.
  • Discovering karmic lessons/energies and how to work with these for empowerment
  • Changing/releasing unnecessary energies which are non-supportive
  • Making better sense of present relationships
  • Reconnecting with past life talents for use in the present lifetime
  • Identifying soul lessons for the Soul Plan
  • Plus more!

Included with the Guided Meditation is

  • beginning meditation to balance your personal energies
  • expanded meditation to raise your personal vibration
  • detailed meditation to guide you to the Akashic Records
  • mini-book containing exercises, instructions and other pertinent information to assist you

Each of the detailed meditations is custom prepared for you based on your personal goals.  This meditation is written and recorded solely with the intent of you receiving answers to your questions and reaching your goal.

Clients have reported the followinG:

  • Easier access to their individual records for future exploration.
  • Experiencing a stronger connection with their guides, angels and master teachers.
  • More insightful and vivid dreams (often with dream recall.
  • Enhanced meditative states that feel more meaningful and deeper.
  • A stronger sense of self, spiritual purpose and definition in life.

A Guided Akashic Record Meditation can be a huge step towards spiritual growth!


Guided Akashic Record Meditation - $77 - complete form to begin session