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are often called the "Book of the Soul" and contains information on the evolution of your soul through multiple physical incarnations and between life experiences.

What are the Akashic Records

The answer to this intriguing, esoteric question is actually very straight forward.  The Akashic Records are stored in the Akashic Library.  The Akashic Records can be likened to “documentation of the souls’ growth and evolution”.  Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether”.  The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all the events, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that ever happened.  Akashic Records also contain all the possibilities that could occur. 

The Akashic Records are not new nor a new thought.  It has been said that the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed the counsel of Akashic Record Readers.  Throughout history; kings, queens, nobility and the very rich had the privilege of being able to consult the counsel of the wise.  History shows that they went out of their way to seek the wisdom of mystics, wise ones and scholars.  It’s commonly accepted and very likely that Akashic Record Readers were a part of the inner circle consultants for the elite.

Types of Information Available

The Akashic Records store information about the past, present and future of the entire Universe as well as each and every living Soul.  Having access to the information found within the Akashic Records creates unlimited possibilities to learn who one is and where they came from spiritually.  One can discover and explore past incarnations, possible future life times and growth possibilities for the present life time.  The Akashic Records presents each person the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Universe and self as a spiritual entity.  Many people recognize that they are more than physical bodies, minds or personalities.  The Akashic Records provides greater understanding of what a person is at their Soul Level, what their Souls “are made of”, where their Soul has been and what the energetic nature of their Soul is. In short…  the Akashic Records offer knowledge that leads to better understanding of their individual self and the Universe (which allows one to obtain a different perspective of all life).
Decoding the Akashic Records
Akashic Records can be accessed from anywhere, and theoretically, anyone can access them.  However, decoding the information takes crystal clear awareness and a great deal of in-depth esoteric knowledge of what type of information is found in an Akashic Record.  The information contained within Akashic Records can at times be confusing if the person reviewing them is not exactly sure with what they are seeing or accessing.  Because the Akashic Records are energetic records, it takes clear reference points to translate them into everyday language and understanding.  The Akashic Records are located in the astral realm which is positioned above the third-dimension we live in.  The Akashic Records are an incredibly sacred place.  Misuse (by anyone) of information stored in the Akashic Records can have powerful karmic ramifications.  Even someone who has the best of intentions may have difficulties in interpreting information found in the records without the right set of “tools” and knowledge.  Tammi is masterful at interpreting symbols and the “language of the soul” found in the Akashic Records.  She has taught numerous individuals how to access and better understand the information in their records as well.

​Do You Ever Feel...

Like you’re banging your head on the wall and no matter what you do or try that it makes any improvements?  You’re intelligent, hard-working and doing your best in life.  You work hard to live by nothing but the best and highest intentions and principles in life…  but you know that there needs to be some kind of a change for true happiness and peace to reside permanently in your life.

For example, do you find yourself... 

  • Doing things you know won’t serve you well
  • Unable to let go of negative feelings from the past
  • Feeling guilty about saying NO to requests
  • Confusion about what really important and your decisions regarding these areas
  • Hesitating to step up to a higher level of success
  • Inability to save money
  • Repeating hurtful patterns/relationships
  • Lack of understanding events/issues in your life
  • Feeling powerless over your life or being unable to become a co-creator in your life
  • Staying in unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships
  • Trying to gain unreturned love/approval from family/friend
  • A level of intolerance for some people in the world
  • Feeling empty, isolated, disconnected and insecure for no real reason
  • Nit-picking and criticizing your great ideas to death (or until it’s too late)

​Did You Ever Consider There Could Be Energetic Limitations On Your Soul Growth?

The energetic issues can be tricky to detect.  In fact, you may have been living with them for so long that you may have developed ways to ignore them.  Often, people work so hard on the superficial symptoms of an issue and don’t realize there is actually a root cause of the issue to address and that is being overlooked.  However, the energetic issues are very real, and they can affect various aspects of your life, such as your relationships, business, finance, and physical/emotional/mental well-being.  By clearing the underlying issues, you can have more love, freedom, confidence, empowerment, creativity, inner peace, and prosperity.  Not to mention growth spiritually.

​Why Clear Energy Blockages?

Many obstacles and negative daily challenges in our life are not random events that “just happen”.  Quite often they have a deep spiritual lesson and karmic ties to them.  While some negative experiences we have in our lives can be resolved with a common sense approach; others however require deeper analysis and spiritual resolutions.  The primary difference between resolving these experiences lies in their root causes.  

A review of your Akashic Records can determine the nature of the root cause and also provide ways for changing, repairing, modifying or transcending a situation.  If a particular situation is caused by an energetic block and reoccurs in different scenarios, then there is no real point in trying to fix it with third dimensional/physical solutions.  This applies a band aid to the situation.  Various therapies or modalities can ease the pain but if the original cause is spiritual (ex: karma, energetic block, old thought patterns, etc.), then resolution must occur on a spiritual level.

Souls will amass certain energetic challenges by experiencing multiple incarnations as well.  These challenges usually appear in the present life as an inability to manifest the spiritual self.  Many times we aren’t fully aware of these energetic restraints and simply accept our misfortune as a natural part of life.  When a vital life lesson is introduced into a life and the person fails to learn from it or does not work to change it, this can lead to the creation/manifestation of other energetic restrictions.  Energetic blocks that are imposed on a human soul can be successfully cleared, resulting in more positive way of life and daily interactions. 

Session or Meditation?

Each of these services can be very empowering and insightful.  An Akashic Record Session or Guided Meditation is a review of the soul, therefore it’s always about finding the truth, the core, the soul reason behind any matter being reviewed or questioned.  Either of these services are designed to locate and understand a specific issue such as:  repetitive behaviors in relationships, feelings of being lost or disconnected, friendship/intimacy issues, and never seeming to have enough money, and many others.

Akashic Record Session Information

Guided Akashic Record Meditation Details