Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~


is empowering, liberating and encouraging; all geared towards promoting your soul's growth and expansion.


In a session... Tammi will spend approximately 3-4 hours gathering information in the Akashic Records for a client before sending information via email, meeting with a client or talking to the client.  While in the Akashic Records, Tammi will examine:

  • current energy patterns operating in your life
  • lifetime theme(s) for growth and transformation 
  • spiritual/intuitive gifts and sleeping talents
  • karmic challenges/lessons
  • current energies and cyclic shifts 
  • and more

Sometimes a session can include looking at past life occurrences (which have created root causes to modern life blockages) such as:  sworn vows, karmic bonds, intimacy/relationship dealings, soul mate/soul group interactions, spiritual contracts, as well as unconscious memories.  All of these can and do have a direct effect on your current life.  With a new perception of these root causes - they can often be released, changed or modified with a little work and transformative grace.  The result is a more fulfilling and joyful life.  

More intensive sessions are available where you may ask Tammi to examine specific areas of your life to be covered in your session.  For these, please have a specific questions or topics for Tammi to focus on.  Any topic can be addressed, for example:  health issues, relationships, career choices/changes, spiritual path questions and more.  

Assorted notes that Tammi has created from her findings in the Akashic Records are provided as well.  Follow-Up Questions are FREE for 3 days following the session.  Follow-up questions are limited to the areas covered in the session.  


  • General Akashic Record Session – above areas are covered:  $122 - complete form to begin session
  • Basic Akashic Record Session – above areas + one question:  $155 - complete form to begin session
  • Advanced Akashic Record Session – above areas + two questions:  $188 complete form to begin session
  • Intensive Akashic Record Session – above areas + three questions:  $222 complete form to begin session

Each and every Akashic Record Session is unique and works to bring the client feelings of empowerment, greater peace of mind, understanding and/or resolution, and an increased sense of over-all well-being.