Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~


A Numerology Session with Tammi leads you to inner peace, increased awareness and personal empowerment.  Now is the time to begin the journey back to your Authentic Self.  Are you ready to recognize and integrate your energies back to your divine purpose? 

  • Imagine having the wisdom and knowledge to aid you in not only your personal life, but assist your spiritual development as well.
  • Picture finding the hidden you that lies just beneath the surface of your consciousness.
  • Imagine finding direction for personal growth that may have been unseen before today?
  • Can you fathom what life could be like if you were to experience the inner yearning of your soul?
  • Would you not be curious to see a Universal view of yourself if such a view were available?

The answers you seek are no longer hidden or a mystery.  They can be available to you with a Numerology Session with Tammi.  You can receive not only guidance and inspiration, but discover ways to navigate your personal journey with increased peace and minimal detours.

Types of insights available in a Numerology Session?

  • Discover the lessons you desired to work on and learn in this lifetime.
  • Recognize your vocational interests
  • Discover your philosophies of this incarnation
  • Reconnect with the hidden characteristics of your soul and authentic self
  • Meet your “Secret Self” which lies within the sacred space of your heart
  • Remember your talents and discover new talents that are dormant
  • Explore desires of your true self and their meanings to your soul
  • Discover how other people see you
  • Learn how your actions are influenced by outside energies and past life influences
  • Recognize your soul determined qualities
  • Uncover your secret aims and goals in life
  • See what traits you need to develop in this lifetime for personal growth and evolution
  • Reveal what you will accomplish in this life
  • Explore new areas for manifesting abundance in life and where limitations may appear
  • Discover your theme of life and past lives
  • Find the best areas of growth in your life
  • Meet the obstacles or energetic challenges which may hinder your personal goals
  • Explore short comings from previous lives which must be changed
  • Learn qualities to balance your Karma and Karmic Lessons

A Numerology Session is based on the inner workings and balance of personal energies found within the individual soul and universal principles.  By examining and understanding the patterns of growth; it becomes easier to see all the things you pass through during your spiritual evolutional process.  A Numerology Session looks at the individual parts of your life and your spiritual energies.  From this view of smaller pieces, Tammi can help you review your life for areas where imbalance may occur. 

In the next step, Tammi can show you how to incorporate balance into your life and nature.  This encourages a harmonious attitude to permeate every avenue of life and living. 

At various times in life, most people seek to understand themselves and their life better.  Is this where you currently find yourself?  A Numerology Session can provide you the insights and opportunities to better heal and transform your life.  Often when this begins to happen, you gain a greater sense of love, acceptance, patience and temperance.  In addition to this, you can find a greater sense of beauty, grace, joy, hope, faith and love in everything around you and in everything you do. 

Tammi’s Numerology Sessions can serve as a road map in life to help you reach your spiritual destination.  Another way to look at a these sessions is to say that it can be a guide for learning how to live life fully.


And more importantly... why is it valuable for your growth?

The primary emphasis of a Numerology Session is to provide you with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of your true and authentic self.

A Numerology Session can raise the individual consciousness so it becomes easier for you to see yourself as a “whole” being and better accept your place within the Universe.

Everything within a person is found in the Universe and vice versa.  Each person is a co-creative force with the same types of energies as found in the Universe.

A Numerology Session can help show this inner-linking relationship between a person and the Universe.  This allows a person to be a participative co-creator.

A Numerology Session can reveal what, when, where, why and how things will occur in life.  Numerology Sessions can also help illuminate and answer spiritual and practical questions like the following:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I supposed to accomplish in life?
  • Why am I here on Earth?
  • What is the meaning to my life?
  • Where does my Path to Happiness lie?