Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an Akashic Record Session be done via email?
  By providing questions/areas of focus for Tammi, she can then work with pertinent information in relation to those questions or areas of life.  Because the Akashic Records are energetic, by providing Tammi with Date of Birth information - she can tap in energetically with our without talking to the person.  When she prepares an Akashic Record session via email, Tammi taps into the records and then begins to almost "automatically write" the answers and information from the records.  Whether it it spoken via phone or put into writing, the information will be the same.  Ususally when done via email, Tammi does not have interruptions with questions from a client either and the energetic connection can be stronger.

What is Akashic Numerology?
Akashic Numerology is a deeper understanding of the number vibrations.  Tammi uses an individual person's vibrations, accesses their Akashic Record and then interupts the numerology vibrations from the deeper meanings provided by the Akashic Records.  To date, Tammi is the only Numerologist offering this type of information and session to her clients.

Can Tammi access the Akashic Records at any time and any place?  Like does she get information on people she encouters during the day?
NO!   First off, that would be disrespectful and an invasion of energetic space.  Next, Tammi only accesses the Akashic Records for specific purposes - not to go browsing or to be nosey!


Is Tammi "certified"?
No, Tammi is not certified.  Tammi was given the insights to access the Akashic Records from her Guides and Teachers.  While many people have given Tammi the names of wonderful certification programs/instructors...  why would Tammi need to become certified in something that she has been doing for years already?


Where does the spirit name WyndRavin come from?
Tammi began a traditional Native American spiritual path almost 20 years ago.  She was blessed with the name "West Wind" at her first visionary celebration.  After years of working with this energy, she was reinitiated with the name "WyndRavin" at that time.  While Tammi is part Native American, she does not claim to walk a sacred path that is 100% traditional - her own path is as individual and unique as she is.