Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Tammi is a full time student of life...

Tammi is a full-time student of life and esoteric studies.  She’s dedicated her life to promoting self-awareness and assisting others in achieving personal empowerment.  Tammi is a third-generation intuitive, communicated with spirit since childhood and continues her studies to this day.  Tammi serves clients through energy balancing work, as a professional intuitive and an esoteric teacher.

Tammi has almost 25+ years experience as a professional intuitive, is an astute Akashic Record Interpreter, Angelic Communicator and an Advanced Master Numerologist.  She offers sessions using these skills and may combine them with her gifts of:  clairvoyance, clairaudience and empathic sensing.

Tammi is the “Numerologist to the Stars” and a published author.  She has studied and works with:  Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy (playing cards), Pendulums, Astrology, Power Animals, Stones/Minerals and more.

She’s a respected authority on metaphysical and esoteric wisdom.  Tammi is a featured Lecturer and Workshop presenter on a range of topics.  Her specific gift and talent lies in her ability to take very esoteric information and make it understandable, accessible and applicable for daily use.

Tammi is the weekly host of “The Now Age” on (since 2010).  She’s been seen on National/Central Ohio TV, read in National/Central Ohio Magazines and heard internationally on BBC Radio as well as National/Central Ohio Radio.

Proven Experience You Can Trust...

  • Interviewed on BBC Radio
  • "The Now Age" host on Talktainment (click here to visit archives)
  • Heard Nationally and in Central Ohio Radio
  • Seen on National Television and appeared multiple times on Central Ohio television
  • Interviewed in National and Central  Ohio Newspapers
  • Read in National and Central Ohio Magazines
  • Publisher of DreamWeaver Magazine (est 2003)
  • Corporate and Private Business Consultant for new project development and existing operations
  • Consultant for:  News Media, Entertainment News Media andHigh-Profile Criminal Trials
  • Regular Guest Appearances on Internet and Website Broadcasts and Podcasts
  • National Presenter for: Workshops, Lectures and Classes
  • Numerology Expert on website
  • Universal Life Expo (ULE)... Executive Committee and Various Committee Chair

Rare Skill Set!

Tammi is one of the most recognized and sought out Numerologists in the US with 25+ Years of Proven Experience.  No where else can you find a combination of talent, intutive abilities and skill level when it comes to either Akashic Record Sessions, Numerology Readings or Intuitive Sessions.

  • Pythagorean Numerology + Chaldean Numerology + Akashic Record Numerology
  • Akashic Record Interpreter
  • Intuitive Astrologer
  • Cartomacy & Tarot Reader
  • Spirit Interpreter (Angels & Spirit Guides)
  • Power Animal/Totem Animal Communicator

Other Information

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