Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Angelic Energy Attunements

Angelic Energy Attunements combine angelic influences with innovative visualizations to produce long-lasting and empowering changes in your life for today and tomorrow.

True and lasting change can come only from within you.  No matter what the energy modality, every person is their own greatest healer and energy practitioners are merely the conduit for healing energies to be anchored in during a session.  But there are times when everyone could use a little extra assistance or an energetic nudge to help them get over a hump so that new awareness can be revealed and expanded growth to occur.

Like other energy modalities, an Angelic Energy Attunement works on and at a deep spiritual level where long lasting change can truly occur.  By focusing on specific areas of life and combining it with high-vibrational energies, you can make desired changes to co-create the life you were intended to live and desire to live. 

For Angelic Energy Attunements, Tammi uses calming visualizations to assist you in taking your session and energy work to a deeper level for more meaningful energy shifts to occur.  Angelic Energy Attunements includes high-level energy by working with your Higher Self for added assistance.  Tammi also uses her expertise with the Akashic Records to locate blockages or limiting areas (from the present life or previous ones), to help you shift and transform energies found in your energetic bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) which allows new and accelerated growth to occur.

In addition to this, Tammi utilizes her extensive skills of working with spiritual assistants (Guides, Angels, etc.) and the Chakras/Aura to help ground and clarify the energy shifts for efficient and effective energy flow to occur.  Upon completion of the session, there is a brief conversation where Tammi will offer any messages she may have received during the session; as well as spiritual exercises, affirmations, prayers or journaling ideas for you to continue anchoring the energies of the session into your energetic bodies after the session.

All that is required of you is an open mind, a true desire to manifest change and the patience to allow the energy shifts to occur and take root in your conscious life.  It’s amazing how simple true energy work can be…  when met with an open mind and open heart.  Remember, you are in complete control of the session and have full responsibility for how quickly and effectively the energy shift will manifest.

In-Person Angelic Energy Attunements are approximately 1 hour in length (including pre and post session discussions).  Clients have a choice of laying on a massage table or relaxing in a zero-gravity chair during the session.  It is suggested that comfortable clothing be worn during these sessions.

​Some Benefits of Angelic Energy Attunements can include:

  • An increased sense of inner peace, calmness and tranquility
  • A sense of better direction in personal and spiritual life
  • Reduced stress, tension and worries about challenges in life
  • A reduction in energetic blocks in the body-mind-spirit-heart
  • Feeling more focused, clear, purposeful and objective
  • A stronger connection to your numerous spiritual assistants
  • Finding an increased sense of self and spiritual purpose
  • A sense of increased freedom to pursue goals and dreams

Personalized Attunements can be created for your individual session.