Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Angel Reading/Messages

When your heart is open the angels can speak to you.  When you are ready the angels can reveal mysterious wonder to you.  When you ask the angels are there to answer your call.

The angels believe in you... even if you don't believe in them.  They are beings of unlimited love, infinite patience and limitless wisdom.

Angel Readings/Messages are inspirational and filled with hope, answers, love and guidance.  When Tammi brings forth the words of wisdom from the angels, she can transform your thinking and perspective.  To receive your personalized Angel Reading/Message just open your heart and being to the loving guidance that will come forth.

Tammi offers two types of Angel Readings/Messages and your investment is:

  • 20 minutes - $33 complete form to begin session
  • 45 minutes - $77 complete form to begin session

Reading/Message Request

Due to workload/scheduling, it can take up to FOUR weeks for finalization of your Reading with Tammi.  Upon submission of the form, Tammi will notify you of a date that things can be completed.  

Everything Tammi needs for your Reading/Messages can be sent to her via the form link.  This is a secure form and after submitting it you will then be redirected to a PayPal payment page to complete the transaction.  After review of your submission, Tammi will contact you with questions/comments and also provide you with a copy of your submission as well.  Tammi will not start until payment has been received