Tammi Rager

~ Jewelry Artist ~ Crystal Designer ~ Intuitive/Holistic Work ~ Published Author ~

Why a Written Report?

Each of the reports we offer have been found to be amazingly accurate!  Using a computer program can mean less room for errors and miscalculations.   Today, most professional astrologers now use computer programs too!

These reports can serve as valuable tools for growth and change… they are not limited just to the present moment, but offer insights into yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  A written report can offer insights long after a personal one-on-one reading with a psychic and generally the written information is easier to work with rather than trying to remember what was said, finding the information on a recorded tape or in personal notes.

The reports we offer are professionally prepared and use only the finest software on the market.  Years of research went into our selection to make sure we offer the best reports to our clients.

Reports make great gifts and presents!  These reports are perfect for weddings, new births, adoptions, unions and birthdays!  Numerology Forecasting Reports change every year and are personalized too.  These are unique one-of-a-kind gifts!

Written Reports can be less intimidating and non-threatening to new clients than meeting with an intuitive.  Astrology and Numerology can provide a great deal of information to a client.  A written report can help in understanding all the information and making better sense of it so that it can be empowering!

Reports can be sent to you via email as PDFs…  for you to print and read in the privacy of your own home!